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Criminal drug charges involve manufacturing, possessing and selling a controlled substance. The consequences range from jail to prison time and a fine. With such serious penalties, you need a Bryan-College Station criminal lawyer to fight for you.

Possession of controlled substances considered illegal in Texas may violate the state’s Controlled Substances Act. According to state law, each illicit and controlled substance is separated into four classes of drugs. Each classification has a different set of penalties. There is another category that only has marijuana listed as a controlled substance. It has a separate punishment.



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Bryan-College Station Common Types of Drug Offenses

Texas has a lot of drug-related laws. The most common types of drug charges are:

  • Drug Possession
  • Drug Manufacturing or Delivery
  • Drug Sales
  • Drug Trafficking or Distribution
  • Drug Paraphernalia

Drug Possession in Bryan-College Station

The possession of a controlled substance is outlined in sections 481.115 to 481.118 of the state’s Health and Safety Code. This crime involves intentionally or knowingly having a controlled substance without a prescription. The penalty depends on the quantity of drugs allegedly in your possession at the time of your arrest.

Drug Trafficking in Bryan-College Station

Drug trafficking refers to smuggling, importing or transporting a controlled substance from one area to another. For example, it could be the Texas-Mexico border or a Texas-Oklahoma border. Drug trafficking penalties depend on the drug classification such as trafficking cocaine or marijuana.

Drug Manufacturing in Bryan-College Station

It is illegal to make or cultivate any type of controlled substance in Texas. This means it is against the law to cultivate marijuana or have a meth lab. The type of penalty often depends on the drug classification.
Discuss your defense for your drug crime with a Bryan-College Station criminal lawyer. In Texas, there are plenty of drug crime defenses. Two types of drug defenses are 1) Lack of knowledge that you had a controlled substance in your possession and 2) that the drug wasn’t for human consumption. To learn more about your drug defense, contact a Bryan-College Station criminal attorney.

What Determines the Severity of a Drug Conviction in Bryan-College Station?

The Texas’ Controlled Substances Act defines the type of penalty you or your loved one will face, if you’re convicted. Speak to a Bryan-College Station criminal attorney regarding the specific drug penalties you or your loved one faces because of the determining factors.

Determining factors refer to five things:

  • The type of drug you allegedly possessed
  • The quantity of drugs you allegedly had
  • How the drug was concealed or stored
  • Your criminal record
  • If you possessed additional drug paraphernalia. Drug paraphernalia refers to the instruments used to make or separate the drugs or having a large amount of money.

Most drug possession charges are a Class B or Class A misdemeanor. Both are punishable with jail time. Marijuana possession has a sentence of 180 days in county jail. The highest felony for a drug charge is a first-degree felony. It is five to 99 years in prison

Drug Crimes in a Bryan-College Station Drug-Free Zone

If you are accused of committing certain drug offenses while you’re in a drug-free zone, the punishment is more severe. A drug-free zone is an area designated by the state where no one can have drugs because children are in the area. Some common drug-free zones are:

  • Public swimming pools
  • Playgrounds
  • Schools
  • Video arcades
  • Youth centers

School buses

The designation of a drug-free zone doesn’t change if children aren’t there. For example, a school remains a drug-free zone, even when children are out of the summer. It’s important to speak to a Bryan-College Station Drug Lawyer if you were arrested on drug charges in a drug-free zone.

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