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In Texas, you have the right to carry certain guns as long as you have a permit. You also have the right to own a firearm because of the Second Amendment in the U.S. Constitution. However, the state places limits on the type of weapons you can possess and restricts certain gun-related activities. If you violate any of these laws, you may incur aweapons felony charge.

If you or your loved one is charged with a felony weapons charge, you need a Bryan – College Station weapon felony lawyer immediately. A felony conviction can lead to prison time and the permanent loss of opportunities and rights given to you under the U.S. Constitution. It’s important to contact a Bryan – College Station weapon felony attorney to fight this charge.



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Common Felony Weapons Offenses in Bryan – College Station

The Texas Penal Code 46.05 has numerous charges devoted to punishing people who violate weapons laws. For example, you can’t possess certain possess, transport, manufacture, repair or sell certain weapons in Texas such as a machine gun. The most common type of felony weapons charges includes:

  • Concealed handgun licenses violations
  • Unlawful carrying a weapon
  • Unlawfully discharging or brandishing a weapon
  • Possession of a firearm by convicted felon
  • Illegal sale of a weapon
  • Concealed firearm or gun at a public place or airport

These weapons charges are common, but they are serious. It’s time to clear your name with the help of a Bryan – College Station weapon felonies lawyer. You don’t want a simple mistake to cost your rights and freedom.

What is an Aggravated Weapons Felony in Bryan – College Station?

Prosecutors may charge you with a felony weapon charge if you are accused of committing a violent crime while carrying a firearm. This is called an aggravated felony weapons charge because having a weapon prior or during the commission of a crime is considered serious. Some examples of aggravated felony weapons charge include:

  • Aggravated kidnapping and showing or using a deadly weapon
  • Robbery and showing or using a deadly weapon
  • Aggravated assault and showing or using a deadly weapon

Texas is tough on people who were convicted of felony crimes. Sometimes, the laws are too tough. This can cause you to be charged with a felony weapons crime while trying to make positive changes. If you or your loved one is in this situation, contact a Bryan – College Station weapon felony lawyer.

Penalties for a Felony Weapons Conviction in Bryan – College Station

A conviction on any of weapons charges mentioned will have a significant effect on your life. For example, a third-degree felony. You face two to 10 years in state prison and a $10,000 fine. An aggravated weapons felony, a serious charge. Thus, the punishment is serious. A conviction can mean life in prison because this crime is a first-degree felony.

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The legal representation can heavily determine the outcome of your legal situation.

Being convicted of a weapons charge can cause serious damage to your future. Consequences range from stiff fines to long prison times. They can even worsen if you are convicted of multiple related crimes.


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