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Accused of Committing a State or Federal Drug Crime?

When it comes to being accused of a drug crime, time is of the essence. You cannot afford to wait to retain legal representation because this could result in a surefire conviction, possibly to the fullest extent of the law. Don’t let this happen to you. If you have been arrested for a drug crime in Conroe, Houston, or anywhere in the state of Texas, Turnbull Legal Group can provide you with passionate and aggressive criminal defense. Federal prosecutors do not have a reputation for being lenient when handling drug cases. We will do everything in our power to shield from serious penalties, such as imprisonment and hefty fines.

We can defend you from drug charges related to:

  • Trafficking
  • Distribution
  • Possession
  • Manufacturing
  • Federal Drug Crimes

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Conroe Criminal Defense Lawyer Representing Individuals throughout the State

While state drug crime cases aren’t as serious as federal drug crime cases, they still require the attention of a skilled and passionate criminal defense lawyer in Conroe. Our firm also represents individuals at the state level. Whether marijuana, cocaine or methamphetamines were found to be in your possession, you need the help of an attorney who can help diffuse the situation.

Depending on the drug amount found in your possession, you could be facing serious penalties, including time in jail. If a large amount of drugs are found to be in your possession, prosecutors may successfully argue that your intent was to distribute the drug.

Protect Your Rights! Turn to a Proven Conroe Drug Crime Attorney.

Accused individuals often feel hopeless and alone when facing criminal charges. Should you choose to entrust us with your drug crime case, we will remain at your side until your case is finalized in the most positive manner possible. We never lose sight of the fact that these kinds of cases can cause a great deal of stress, which is why we strive to provide compassionate and attentive legal services, from start to finish.

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